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Project Manager : Funding Ocean Renewable Energy through Strategic European Action

Référence : ESF-8214
Date de début de parution : 11/08/2016
Date limite de candidature : 02/09/2016

Employeur : Centrale Nantes/SEM-REV
Contrat : Poste statutaire
Lieu de travail : Le croisic, Pays de la Loire, France
Salaire : NC

1. Ecole Centrale de Nantes (ECN)’s application for Funding Ocean Renewable Energy through Strategic European Action (FORESEA) project was approved by the Interreg NWE Monitoring Committee on 23 - 25 February 2016.
2. This project will help North West Europe (NWE) SME’s test ocean energy (OE) technology in real sea environments and prove power can be economically generated from the ocean. The NWE area possesses world leading OE testing infrastructure and this project will connect sites in the Netherlands (tidal, TTC), UK (tidal and wave, EMEC), France (wave and floating wind, SEM-REV) and Ireland (floating wind and wave, SMARTBAY) to create a network which will place NWE at the heart of this emerging industry.
3. ECN is now looking to appoint a Project Manager to join its team and lead the FORESEA initiative. The main objective set by FORESEA which will drive the project manager is to achieve the demonstration at sea of several OE technologies, and to strengthen their networks to secure investment within their companies.


The list of duties detailed below is not intended to be exclusive or restrictive and may be adjusted.
FORESEA project manager will ensure
• That all tasks, deliverables and milestones are completed on time and within budget;
• The preparation of all documentation to meet the reporting requirements of the funding body (Interreg NWE);
• The management of the budget for the project and ensure financial and regulatory compliance with ECN policies and procedures and the requirements of the funding body while carrying out the duties of the post;

For each call launched under FORESEA, the project manager missions can be summarized in four following steps
• Assist the developers with the preparation and submission of proposals to FORESEA calls;
• Participate to the use selection board granting the support packages
• Follow up the allocation of support packages through a comprehensive feasibility study
• Manage the testing preparation, including installation operation and dismantling.


• Detailed knowledge of technological aspects related to marine renewables
• Detailed knowledge of legislative aspects related to marine renewables
• Knowledge and experience of European research funding programme (and especially Interreg);
• Demonstrated project management experience;
• Established network of key contacts and experience of client centered service delivery;
• Good numeracy and attention to detail with an ability to work within tight deadlines;
• Excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to work effectively with dynamic and diverse staff and management across all levels, both internally and externally;
• Excellent organisation, communication, time management, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills;
• Ability to work across international boundaries
• Postgraduate qualification relevant to the role;
• Very good communications skills in French and English are required.
• A second European language


• Experience in management or relevant master degree is critical for this position
• Engineering degree or master in science is relevant in the field of marine renewables
• Proven experience in European Union project acquisition
• Extensive EU network of partners in industry, academia, and in the European Commission
• Knowledge/experience in Ocean Energy


Please submit an up-to-date 2 page curriculum vitae with an accompanying cover letter detailing your fit with the role via e-mail to M. Christian Berhault at christian.berhault@ec-nantes.fr on or before Friday 02/09/2016 at 12:00 CET.

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